Evolving with Crystal Skulls

on Dec 14, 2017

Do you have a Crystal Skull? Crystal Skulls connect us to a New Level of Consciousness! When you feel drawn to skulls you know you are ready for the next step in Evolution!  There is a whole new dimension of co -workers, supporting our Individual and Group Consciousness.   

Having a skull is just like having your own personal guide, gently talking to you, guiding you!  All of my Crystal Skulls are continuously working with me! Its like having a whole team of networkers, planning your appointments, and your diary, but far more in advance of our own planning capabilities!  As my journey with Crystal Skulls has evolved, I realised, that events that have happened over a 10 year period of time with the Crystal Skulls, where already organised structured by the Light Grid Consciousness, of the Crystal Skulls Network!  

I personally feel the main connection is with the Mitchel Hedges Skull, and  I have experience this famous skull's energy in person, and energetically as the centre of the network of skulls, or consciousness! In my own experience, this skull overlays the grid network of the skulls, and there is a direct link, with all skulls! Maybe you would like to experience this subtle energy yourself? If you are ready, you will be drawn to buy one or be given one as a gift, they begin to come into your life very subtly, and you start to notice them, but you may not always be sure if you like them? 

Helping you to clear old belief systems and thought patterns, the representation of skull and crossbow which comes with fear, allows you to move through this fear within yourself. Bringing a deeper level of courage, empowerment and joy! And a deeper sense of personal fulfilment in fulfilling your Life Purpose!



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