The Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

on Oct 28, 2016

The Mitchell Hedges Skull was originally named the skull of Doom by the locals in Belize, the archaeological dig took place at Lubaantun, where it was originally found in 1924 by Anna Mitchell Hedges. Anna was 16 years old at the time and accompanied her father in this archaeological dig. Anna found the skull on her 17th birthday, after the dig had finished for the day, she was exploring the area. Fredrick, her father has told Anna not to play in the area, and that the dig was complete.

Anna saw something glistening in the excavated pyramid below, and they found the Crystal Skull. Later the jaw was found. Anna named the skull the Skull of Love, as it just emanated love, and still does of course. Anna passed away in April 2007 at the grand age of 101!. It was on the same day at the new owners birthday, 11th April, Bill Homann. Bill had known Anna for many years, they became great friends. During Anna’s last few years Bill looked after Anna. I first met Anna Mitchell Hedges in 1997 in Newkey, Devon when she presented the Skull of Love and gave a slide show of her life and the dig where the skull was found, she was quite an extraordinary women!

I think that this was the first time the skull had been shown in public so I was very lucky to have been present. It certainly had a profound effect on me, more so in the years to come. Anna said that by placing a crystal in the near the Mitchell Hedges Skull, it would be charged for 16 years! I am very glad that I have also had the opportunity to meet Bill and the Skull of Love again. Bill is the perfect keeper of the skull, full of integrity and love himself, taking the skull on her travels! Sure we will be meeting again Bill!

(The picture taken here on the right was taken whilst I was attending a 3 day workshop with the Mitchell Hedges Skull in Angel Valley, Sedona, USA in 2007 .The Mitchell Hedges Skull is in the centre!)

In the mid 1800s two full size crystal skulls, carved from one piece of quartz, were found in Mexico. A number of museums at this time became interested by these very old artefacts. The British Museum, The Museum of Mankind, acquired one of the skulls form Tiffany and Co, of New York, through Mr George Fredrick Kunz, who states that the skull was brought from Mexico by a Spanish Officer before the French occupation. It was sold to an English collector and acquired at his death by Eugene Boban, a French antique dealer, later becoming the property of Tiffany and Co.

The second skull was acquired by France and is now in the Trocadero Museum of Paris.

One of the most famous skulls, found in 1924 is the Mitchell Hedges Skull, a two piece skull comprises of one piece of clear quartz.
Ami The Amethyst Crystal Skull is a single piece found in Mexico, (early 1900s ? approx)
Max Clear quartz skull found in a tomb Mexico in 1926. (Plus quite a few others.)

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