Why Buy From Us

According to the legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls, when all of the 13 Original Crystal Skulls return to the Earth Plane, then mankind will be ready to receive and increase in consciousness!

Crystal Skulls are Sacred, and I feel very Honored and Blessed to be working with the theses Sacred Beings.  When a skull is carved a consciousness moves into that skull and links to the vast growing Crystal Skull Grid, like a "Network", and is a support for you and all Light workers!  Your skull will bless you with its friendship and subtle guidance, to support you and direct you on your path, help you with projects, meeting friends or what ever guidance you are asking for. 

I have a large collection of skulls that find their way into the shop when they are ready for a new Guardian. Please contact us if you do not find your dream skull here, or come and visit the Skulls here in Oare, Marlborough, Wiltshire.

All of our skulls are "Energized and Blessed" in a Crystal Grid connecting to the "Network" of the Crystal Skull Consciousness and the Master Skull, the Mitchel Hedges Crystal Skull.  The Mitchell Hedges Skull is one of the key Skulls in the grid forming the 13 Crystals Skull.

Read more about this skull on my blog.

Our products are sourced from around the world. We specialize in Crystal Skulls - both new modern, contemporary carvings, and ancient skulls. Calling all Light workers! Join us in the network of Crystal Skull Consciousness. Connecting Light workers – Expanding Consciousness! Connecting as One!


What people are saying about us

Tina K.B

"I bought a gorgeous blue African dumortierite skull, and a crinoid fossil skull from Dee at Amazing Skulls. They arrived quickly and are in beautiful condition. I love them."


“I have the most amazing skull its turquoise! i bought it from Dee at Amazing Skulls, its a Master Carved skull, beautiful caving! I have literally transformed my communication and channeling! delight from my guides.”


“Excellent service and prompt delivery – thank you. Love the skull – in fact everyone does as he is full of character.”