Ancient Green Jade Crystal Skull 6"



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Size: Front to back 6" x H 4.5" x W 4"
Weight: 1.274 kilos


This gentle Green Jade Skull has been with me for a number of years and truly is a Gentle Soul! This is the first time he has come up for sale, as he had been part of my collection. Now ready to move on to a New Keeper and share his/her energy, inspirations, keys and codes with you!  Beautiful Green Jade with yellow shades and lines of red and brown. This skull came to me on my travels and brings a wealth of knowledge! 


This "Ambient all knowing Skull" is speculated to be from the Hong Shan Culture which is believed to have existed during the late Neolithic period of China, dating from 4000 to 6000 years ago. A skilled craftsman in this traditional style would have finely carved this skull. The Hon Shan Culture was a Neolithic Culture in northeastern China. Hong Shan sites have been found in an area stretching from Inner Mongolia to Liaoning and dating from about 4700 to 2900 BC.


China has a large population. People often ask, "Well how many tombs can there be?" This is one of the skulls that I purchased on my travels in Hong Kong, where many stories can be told. One of those is that there are many tombs being found and that they are not always accessed. A light and camera will be lowered to see if the tomb is viable for opening. A few Jade Skulls are now becoming available on the market, having purchased this myself, and after seeing other re-produced skulls; this defiantly an authentic jade skull. The buyer will not be disappointed.


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"I bought a gorgeous blue African dumortierite skull, and a crinoid fossil skull from Dee at Amazing Skulls. They arrived quickly and are in beautiful condition. I love them."


“I have the most amazing skull its turquoise! i bought it from Dee at Amazing Skulls, its a Master Carved skull, beautiful caving! I have literally transformed my communication and channeling! delight from my guides.”


“Excellent service and prompt delivery – thank you. Love the skull – in fact everyone does as he is full of character.”